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Cornerstone OnDemand Consultants

Our CSOD practice focuses on providing consultants with strong LMS experience, as well as consultants with experience of other CSOD modules:

CSOD Recruiting
CSOD Performance
CSOD Goals & Succession


Below are some examples of how we have assisted clients with their Cornerstone projects.

Group Company

Group company with several businesses migrating from ADP to Cornerstone OnDemand (all modules). Required a CSOD Consultant to provide all round functionality and implementation advice.

Clinical Research Org

Clinical research organization with approx 1100 employees urgently required a CSOD Consultant with experience of the Compensation module for an implementation project.

Global Manufacturer

Global manufacturing company required a CSOD Implementation Consultant to lead a global implementation of the LMS, Performance Management and Recruiting / Onboarding modules.

City University

Large city university providing LMS support to various government organizations required a CSOD Consultant to assess their learning needs and design / recommend an updated LMS strategy.

Distribution Co

Distribution company with 1600+ employees required a CSOD Consultant for a mixed role including system assessment, implementation clean up, responding to issues and overall support to the L&D team.

Hospital Network

Network of 6 hospitals with 16,000 employees required a CSOD Consultant to conduct a review of their CSOD LMS instance and submit best practice recommendations & changes.

Large University

Large university required a CSOD Consultant to provide all round techno functional support of the LMS module to include user requirements analysis, troubleshooting issues and improving functionality.

Medical Device Co

Medical device company required a CSOD LMS Consultant to design and implement various tutorial product videos to support marketing and sales teams when pitching to clients.


Connect with one of our specialist LMS Recruiters

Sarah Platt

Senior HRIS Recruiter

Jennifer Tang

Senior HRIS Recruiter

Hailey Panther

Senior HRIS Recruiter

Harry Nelson

Senior HRIS Recruiter


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Every consultant requirement is unique. Tell us about your hiring needs and how we can help.

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