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Our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Consultants specialize in implementing, configuring, and optimizing ATS platforms for organizations. They assess recruitment needs, customize ATS software to streamline hiring processes, and ensure integration with other HR systems. Their work includes data migration, workflow automation, user training, and providing ongoing support to optimize the recruitment process.

Key skills and certifications for ATS Consultants include expertise in ATS platforms like iCIMS, Greenhouse, and Taleo, knowledge of recruitment workflows, and proficiency in data management and reporting. Certifications such as Professional in Human Resources (PHR), SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP), and specific vendor certifications (e.g., Workday HCM Certification) validate their expertise, helping organizations improve recruitment efficiency, enhance candidate experience, and ensure compliance with hiring regulations.

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We provide specialist consultants who possess extensive experience supporting all recruitment, applicant tracking & onboarding systems. Select any of the below ATS systems for more information about our busiest areas.


Organizations engage Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Consultants for various projects aimed at enhancing their recruitment processes and improving the efficiency of talent acquisition. Below are some of the most common ATS projects and tasks our consultants are utilized for:

ATS Selection and Implementation

Assisting organizations in selecting the most suitable ATS based on their needs. Overseeing the implementation process to ensure a smooth transition.

Integration with Other Systems

Integrating the ATS with other HR systems (HRIS, ERP, etc.). Ensuring seamless data flow between the ATS and other enterprise systems.

Data Migration

Migrating data from legacy systems to the new ATS. Ensuring data integrity and accuracy during the migration process.

User Training and Support

Training HR staff and recruiters on how to use the new ATS effectively. Providing ongoing support and troubleshooting assistance.

Candidate Experience Enhancement

Improving the candidate application process to enhance user experience. Implementing features such as mobile-friendly applications and personalized communication.

Performance Optimization

Conducting system audits to identify areas for improvement. Optimizing system performance to ensure quick and reliable access.

Change Management

Managing the change process to ensure smooth adoption of the new ATS. Communicating benefits and addressing concerns to get buy-in from stakeholders.

System Configuration and Customization

Configuring the ATS to align with the organization’s recruitment workflows. Customizing the system to include specific fields, forms, and templates.

Process Automation

Automating repetitive tasks such as candidate screening, interview scheduling, and communication. Streamlining workflows to reduce manual intervention.

Reporting and Analytics

Setting up reporting and analytics tools to track recruitment metrics and KPIs. Providing insights into the effectiveness of recruitment strategies.

Compliance and Security

Ensuring the ATS complies with relevant data protection regulations (e.g., GDPR, CCPA). Implementing security measures to protect sensitive candidate information.

Career Site Integration

Integrating the ATS with the organization’s career site. Ensuring job postings are automatically updated and applications are seamlessly captured.

Vendor Management

Managing relationships with ATS vendors. Negotiating contracts and service-level agreements.

Enhancing Collaboration

Setting up tools and processes for better collaboration among hiring teams. Facilitating communication between recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates.


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Senior Recruiter


Senior Recruiter


Senior Recruiter



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