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We are here to find you your next consulting assignment.


We will take the time to understand your career goals and what matters most to you. We will present you with suitable opportunities and we will provide you with the support you need to ensure a smooth and successful placement.

ADP Consultant

"I love working with ROCKCREST. Every recruiter has been a pleasure to work with."


In addition to great technical skills and career experience, we also look for a broad range of soft skills.

Client Focused.

Your priority is to serve your clients' needs and to exceed their expectations by delivering exceptional results.  


You always act with honesty and integrity, tactfully and diplomatically conducting yourself in all situations.

Problem Solver.

You display a natural ability to resolve complex issues by utilizing best practice methodologies and thinking out of the box.


You are completely impartial, always offering advice and solutions that puts your client's best interests first. 


You display clear and effective oral, written and presentation skills with an ability to communicate with all staff. 

Team Player.

You are experienced in either supporting or leading teams, collaborating or working with others, or contributing to a larger project.

Bigger Picture.

You understand larger corporate objectives, the significance of your role, and of others, and how decisions and actions impact outcomes.


You're willing to use any of your skills, whenever they are needed in order to meet the clients' objectives.


You love what you do! Your enthusiasm is highly infectious, warmly welcomed and an asset.


You understand the importance of gaining the trust and confidence of the clients you serve and the teams you work with.


You always treat people how they want to be treated and with the respect they deserve.


You give 100% of your attention, attending meetings fully prepared and actively participating in group discussions. 


You remain focused on your deliverables, working in a timely manner no matter how challenging the work.


You're highly organized, displaying strong time management and prioritization skills ensuring tasks are completed smoothly, on time and within budget. 


You have an ability to balance your work load, carrying out multiple tasks at the same time and completing assigned tasks within agreed timescales.  


You understand and prioritize building valuable, long term relationships over short terms wins.  

UKG Pro Consultant

"ROCKCREST is the only consulting firm I've worked with in the last 5 years! They've kept me busy with one consulting job after another. Thank you."

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