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Ceridian Dayforce Consultants

Our Ceridian Dayforce practice is one of our busier HCM practices providing clients with consultants who are experienced in the full suite of Dayforce modules:

Ceridian Dayforce HCM
Ceridian Dayforce Payroll & Benefits
Ceridian Dayforce ATS & Onboarding
Ceridian Dayforce Performance & WFM


Below are some examples of how we have assisted clients with their Dayforce projects.

Elder Care Org

Elder care organization with 500+employees required a Data Conversion Consultant to work with ADP to extract current and historical payroll data from ADP in preparation for a Dayforce implementation.

Retail Company

Nationwide retailer with 4,000+ employees required a Ceridian Dayforce Consultant to provide ongoing maintenance & support of their Dayforce Workforce Management module.

Energy Company

Small energy company with 800+ employees required a Ceridian Dayforce Consultant with strong functional expertise to respond and resolve issues in the HCM, Benefits and Recruiting modules.

Global Law Firm

Global law firm using Ceridian Dayforce required a Senior Dayforce Consultant to conduct an audit of their system and identify the firms HRIS needs to determine if Dayforce was right for their firm.

Cosmetics Co

Global cosmetics and luxury brand company with approximately 1400 US based employees required a Project Manager with strong payroll process experience to oversee the implementation of Ceridian Dayforce.

Small Manufacturer

Small manufacturing company with 550+ employees required a Ceridian Dayforce Consultant to troubleshoot and resolve issues relating to the T&A / Workforce Management module.

Large Non-Profit

Non-profit with 5,000+ employees and high turnover required a Ceridian Dayforce Consultant to perform a system assessment and implement configuration changes to better meet the organizations payroll needs.

Credit Card Company

Credit card company with 6,000+ employees required a Ceridian Dayforce Consultant to configure and implement the Dayforce ATS & Onboarding modules.


Connect with one of our specialist Dayforce Recruiters

Sarah Platt

Senior HRIS Recruiter

Jennifer Tang

Senior HRIS Recruiter

Hailey Panther

Senior HRIS Recruiter

Harry Nelson

Senior HRIS Recruiter


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