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Richard des Moulins

Senior HRIS Recruiter

720.790.7000 x500


Rocky Mountains Team


Originally from the UK, with 25+ years tech staffing experience. Moved to the US in 2007. Lived in New York for 13 years and now live in Boulder, CO with my wife and three teenage daughters - yep, I said it!

When I'm not cheering on my daughters at ice hockey, volleyball or equestrian events I like to hike, bike and ski.


As the Founder and CEO I ensure everyone at ROCKCREST is aligned with our mission and works cohesively as a team towards our goal of being the #1 HR Technology Staffing firm in the US. It's an ambitious target but with a highly motivated team, an effective growth strategy and a focus on hiring, training and developing a great team, I'm confident we will achieve our goal within 3-5 years.

Come and join us on our journey.


All round Dayforce Consultant needed to assess system for improvements, design and implement solutions, identify skills gaps and train HR staff and resolve a few identified issues.

HRIS Selection Consultant required to assist a small healthcare provider select and implement a new HRIS. Coordinate RFP, arrange and assess demos and negotiate contract with vendor.

ADP WFN Consultant required for system assessment and data audit. Document findings, resolve issues and build / develop reports as requested by the client.

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