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We feel privileged to have served so many great clients over the last 15 years. Below are some examples of how we've helped them.

Accounting Firm

Accounting firm with 400+ employees experiencing rapid growth required an assessment and re-vamp of their iCIMS system to include interview scheduling, workflows and dashboard clean up.

Automotive Company

Global automotive company required an Oracle HCM Cloud Consultant to coordinate and implement the Oracle Performance & Goals module, migrating from SumTotal.

Aviation Manufacturer

Manufacturer with 16,000+ employees required a HRIS Selection Consultant to analyze and identify their Time & Attendance system needs, and manage the RFP and selection process for a new T&A system.

Clinical Research Org

Clinical research organization with approx 1100 employees urgently required a CSOD Consultant with experience of the Compensation module for an implementation project.

Consumer Products Co

Global consumer products company required an experienced SuccessFactors System Admin Consultant with strong skills in the Performance and Succession Planning modules to provide maternity leave cover.

Credit Union

Credit Union with 300+ employees required a Data Conversion Consultant to extract and cleanse payroll data from Paycom in preparation for a UKG payroll implementation.

Elder Care Org

Elder care organization with 500+employees required a Data Conversion Consultant to work with ADP to extract current and historical payroll data from ADP in preparation for a Dayforce implementation.

Faith Based Organization

Faith based organization with 1200+ employees required a Workday Benefits SME to evaluate their existing configuration, workflows and processes and put forward recommendations to improve efficiency.

Financial Services Co

FinTech company with 1,100 employees expected to grow to 3-5,000 within 3 years required an HRIS Selection Consultant to manage the selection of a new HRIS.

Global Law Firm

Law firm in 80 countries required a SuccessFactors Test Lead Consultant to design and implement the firms testing strategy for a global rollout of SuccessFactors EC, Compensation & Global Benefits.

Global Manufacturer

Global manufacturer with 6000+ employees required an experienced Workday Testing Manager to assess their testing strategy, make suggestions and lead the testing team.

Global Manufacturer

Manufacturer with 17,000+ employees across 41 countries required a Workday Implementation Project Manager with large scale global experience to coordinate a 3 phase implementation.

Group Company

Group company with several businesses migrating from ADP to Cornerstone OnDemand (all modules). Required a CSOD Consultant to provide all round functionality and implementation advice.

Healthcare Org

Healthcare organization required an ADP Workforce Now Consultant to provide functional support on various modules including Core HCM, Benefits, Recruiting, Onboarding & Performance Management.

Healthcare Organization

Healthcare organization required an Infor IPA Consultant (Infor Process Automation) to analyze and resolve multiple issues with data workflow from iCIMS into Infor HCM.

Hospital Network

Large hospital network with 40,000+ employees required a Senior UKG Consultant to migrate their Time & Attendance and Advanced Scheduling systems from Workforce Central to Dimensions.

Hotel Group

Hotel & resorts group with 1,700+ employees required a UKG Consultant to perform a system assessment, make recommendations, implement changes and build multiple complex BI reports.

International Charity

Large non-profit required an OCM Consultant to assess the organizations' current and future state, design the OCM strategy and coordinate required resources in preparation for global Workday implementation.

Investment Bank

Investment bank required a senior Workday Consultant to provide HR staff advice and consultation on Workday functionality and capabilities in preparation for a global Workday implementation.

Large University

Large university required a CSOD Consultant to provide all round techno functional support of the LMS module to include user requirements analysis, troubleshooting issues and improving functionality.


Manufacturer with 16000+ employees required a Workday OCM Consultant for a hybrid role of OCM Manager and Workday Trainer to support HR staff through an implementation and past go live.

Maritime Org

Large maritime organization implementing Oracle HCM Cloud required a consultant to identify and document user requirements, and design, configure, test & implement functional solutions.


Non-profit required an independent iCIMS Consultant to conduct an assessment of their iCIMS system to identify improvements, re-design workflows and improve dashboard and reporting.

Plastics Manufacturer

Small plastics manufacturer with 400+ employees required a Ceridian Dayforce Consultant to conduct an assessment of the system, document recommendations and implement solutions.

Regional Bank

Regional bank with 7,000+ employees expecting to grow to 15,000 employees in 3 years required an HRIS Selection Consultant to manage the process of selecting a new HRIS to meet their growing needs.

Agricultural Co.

International agricultural company required an HRIS Strategy Consultant to identify business objectives, assess current HR systems and processes, and design a new strategy to include a new HRIS.

Automotive Manufacturer

Automotive manufacturer acquired a company with 550+ employees using Paycom and needed a Project Manager to migrate them to ADP Workforce Now.

Business Consulting Firm

Global business consulting firm were entering phase 2 of a SuccessFactors rollout and required a Consultant with strong functional / configuration skills in the Compensation & Benefits modules.

Construction Co

Mid-sized construction company required an ADP eTime Consultant to resolve multiple configuration issues and build advanced workforce management reports in their ADP Time & Attendance system.

Cosmetics Co

Global cosmetics and luxury brand company with approximately 1400 US based employees required a Project Manager with strong payroll process experience to oversee the implementation of Ceridian Dayforce.

Dental Services Group

Our client, with 3,000+ employees in 120 locations and 900+ hires per year urgently required an iCIMS Consultant to review and improve workflows while developing multiple hiring reports.

Energy Company

Small energy company with 800+ employees required a Ceridian Dayforce Consultant with strong functional expertise to respond and resolve issues in the HCM, Benefits and Recruiting modules.

Fast Food Chain

Fast food chain with 34+ stores implementing UKG Dimensions T&A required an experienced UKG Dimensions Consultant to resolve multiple integration, interface and configuration issues for go live.

Financial Services Co.

Financial services company with 750+ employees implementing Dayforce required an Implementation Project Manager to oversee the project and coordinate the vendor and internal stakeholders.

Global Law Firm

Global law firm using Ceridian Dayforce required a Senior Dayforce Consultant to conduct an audit of their system and identify the firms HRIS needs to determine if Dayforce was right for their firm.

Global Manufacturer

Global manufacturer with 17,000+ staff in 41 countries required a Workday Solutions Architect to advise the client on all technical, data and architectural aspects of a global Workday implementation.

Global Services Co.

Global services company migrating from UKG Pro to the Oracle HCM Cloud required an experienced UKG Pro Consultant to provide UKG support during the migration.

Group Company

Large group company with multiple businesses totaling 16,000 employees required ADP Vantage Consultants to provide ongoing maintenance support and system improvement services.

Healthcare Organization

Rapidly growing healthcare organization making 600+ hires per year required better analytics and reporting to monitor and assess the performance of their recruiters.

Healthcare Organization

Healthcare organization making 2500+ hires per year migrating from Paycor ATS to iCIMS required an experienced iCIMS Implementation Project Manager to oversee and coordinate the implementation.

Hospital Network

Network of 6 hospitals with 16,000 employees required a CSOD Consultant to conduct a review of their CSOD LMS instance and submit best practice recommendations & changes.

Hotel Group

Large hotel group with 14,000+ employees required an experienced ADP Recruiting Manager Consultant to maintain, support and improve the performance of their ADP ATS system.

International Law Firm

International law firm with 2,000+ employees required a Workday Data Architect to advise and implement business intelligence solutions, design & develop multiple complex reports and implement Prism.

Investment Bank

Investment bank with 18,000+ employees required a Workday Architect to perform a system assessment to identify security concerns, recommend improvements and advise our client on best practice changes.

Leasing Company

Small leasing / supply company with 600+ employees implemented ADP eTime but experienced numerous accrual and overtime issues that needed immediate resolution.

Manufacturing Co.

Manufacturer with 1000+ employees had been on UltiPro / UKG for many years and required an assessment and clean up to improve system inefficiencies and resolve data issues.

Medical Device Co

Medical device company required a CSOD LMS Consultant to design and implement various tutorial product videos to support marketing and sales teams when pitching to clients.

Non-Profit Organization

Non-profit with 2,600+ employees required a Workday Recruiting SME Consultant to work with TA staff to identify their needs, coordinate and implement the Workday Recruiting module.

Professional Services Firm

Our client was experiencing ongoing API issues between iCIMS and UKG and needed a technical consultant to troubleshoot the issues and work with iCIMS to get them resolved.

Renewable Energy Co

Energy company implementing the entire Infor HCM suite required a hands on consultant to configure and implement Absence Manager, Recruiting & Onboarding and Performance & Skills modules.

Agricultural Services

Agricultural services company with 4,000+ employees were experiencing multiple data file feeds issues with 401K, Roth & G/L and required a technical UKG Consultant to troubleshoot and resolve the issues.

Automotive Services Co

Client with 6,000+ employees required an iCIMS Consultant to lead the iCIMS implementation and integration with their core HCM system, ADP Workforce Now.

Business Services Co

Large business services firm required an iCIMS Consultant to design and build a comprehensive suite of department hiring reports and recruiter activity reports in iCIMS.

Construction Company

Construction company with 1400+ employees making 250+ hires per year required an assessment to improve the efficiency and reporting of their iCIMS system.

Credit Card Company

Credit card company with 6,000+ employees required a Ceridian Dayforce Consultant to configure and implement the Dayforce ATS & Onboarding modules.

Department Store

Department store with 8,000+ employees required a part-time Oracle Global HR Consultant to provide techno-functional maintenance support for Oracle Global HR, Payroll, Bens, Comp & Recruiting Cloud.

Energy Company

Large energy company required a Workday Test Consultant to assist in the final testing phases of a large scale Workday Payroll & Benefits implementation.

Financial Services Co

Small financial services firm required a Change Management Consultant to prepare HR staff and department managers for an HCM implementation, migrating from a paper based to cloud based system.

Games Software Co

Games software company with 700+ employees required an experienced Workday PM to coordinate the implementation of the full suite of Workday HCM Modules.

Global Manufacturer

Global manufacturer with 8000+ employees required a Certified Workday Integrations Consultant to build, test and maintain over 120 integrations.

Global Manufacturer

Global manufacturer with 1,400+ employees implemented Dayforce in the US required a Dayforce Project Manager to coordinate the implementation across the remaining global locations.

Global Tech Co

Global technology consulting firm using various systems for HCM, Payroll, Benefits, Recruiting & Learning required an HRIS Selection Consultant to manage the RFP and selection of a single HRIS platform.

Group Company

Multi-disciplinary business with 2,000+ employees required an independent Workday Consultant to assess their HR needs and assess their Workday system to identify functionality they should be utilizing.

Healthcare Organization

Healthcare org with multiple HR systems for HCM, Payroll, Recruiting & T&A required an independent HRIS Selection Consultant to manage and coordinate the RFP for a single HRIS to manage all HR functions.

Healthcare Organization

Small healthcare organization with approximately 280 employees required a specialist Infor Functional Consultant to quickly implement their PTO policy in Lawson v9.

Hospital Network

Hospital network with 9,000+ employees required a Data Conversion Consultant to extract, cleanse and validate payroll data from ADP for a Workday implementation.

IT Security Firm

Global software security firm required a SuccessFactors Techno-Functional Consultant to focus on user requirements gathering, translating requests and designing / implementing workable solutions.

International Law Firm

Our law firm client was moving away from Workday and required a Consultant on a short term contract to oversee all data extraction and clean up prior to winding down the tenant.

Large Non-Profit

National non-profit with 15,000+ employees required an experienced Implementation Consultant to lead a migration from Workday to Infor GHR, Recruiting & Payroll.

Logistics Company

Logistics company with 5,000+ employees required an iCIMS implementation consultant to lead the implementation project and ensure the go live date was met.

Manufacturing Company

Small manufacturing company with 500 employees were not fully utilizing all of iCIMS capabilities and functionality. Our iCIMS consultant assessed their needs, advised on functionality and re-configured iCIMS.

Medical Technology Co

Global medical technology company with 650+ employees required an Oracle HCM Fusion Consultant to provide all round support running reports, troubleshooting issues and configuring the system.

Oil & Gas Company

Oil & Gas company with 5,000+ employees required an Oracle EBS Consultant to provide remote techno-functional support across all Oracle EBS modules - HR, Payroll, Benefits, Time & Labor & ESS.

Professional Services Firm

Professional services firm with 500+ employees implemented ADP Workforce Now but were experiencing configuration issues with the Time & Attendance module.

Restaurant Group

Restaurant chain with 1100+ employees went live on UKG Pro and required multiple BI Reports across all modules to include HCM, Payroll, Benefits and Time & Attendance.

Airport Authority

Our client required a thorough assessment and list of recommended changes to their ADP Workforce Now system to improve performance, reduce workload and increase productivity.

Aviation Company

Our client was migrating from ADP to Workday Payroll and required a Workday Payroll SME to provide support, guidance and training to payroll staff throughout and after the implementation.

City University

Large city university providing LMS support to various government organizations required a CSOD Consultant to assess their learning needs and design / recommend an updated LMS strategy.

Consulting Firm

Consulting firm with 30+ offices nationwide went live with iCIMS and required immediate user support, dashboard creation, reports development, user training and all round system admin.

Credit Union

A credit union with 380+ employees required a UKG Consultant to support HR staff and provide ongoing functional support for their UltiPro / UKG system.

Distribution Co

Distribution company with 1600+ employees required a CSOD Consultant for a mixed role including system assessment, implementation clean up, responding to issues and overall support to the L&D team.

Engineering Firm

Engineering firm with 300 employees required an HRIS Selection Consultant to help in the RFP and evaluation of multiple HRIS options including ADP Workforce Now, UKG Pro, Ceridian Dayforce and Paycom.

Financial Services Co

Financial services firm with 4000+ employees required urgent interim Workday Financials support and business intelligence solutions while they searched for a FTE hire.

Global Bank

Banking client required an all round SuccessFactors Consultant to assist the HRIS team with a large backlog of work; mostly reports dev, requirements analysis, implementing solutions and system admin.

Global Manufacturer

Global manufacturing company required a CSOD Implementation Consultant to lead a global implementation of the LMS, Performance Management and Recruiting / Onboarding modules.

Global Manufacturer

Global manufacturing company implemented Oracle HCM Cloud and required an Oracle Consultant to provide HCM support and migrate the client from iCIMS to the Oracle Recruiting Cloud.

Global Welding Co

Global welding company with 3,500+ employees required an Oracle HRMS R12 Consultant for part time maintenance support and knowledge transfer during the recruitment and training of a new employee.

Healthcare Org

Healthcare organization required an HRIS Strategy Consultant to assist senior leadership in determining a new HR technology strategy that addressed various inefficient HR and Payroll processes.

Healthcare Organization

Healthcare organization with 10,000+ employees required a techno-functional Infor HCM Consultant to provide operational day to day support while the organization migrated to the Oracle HCM Cloud.

Home Services Co

Home services company operating a de-centralized model across 10 states with plans to move to a centralized HR & Payroll model required an HRIS Selection Consultant to evaluate and selection an HRIS.

Hospitality Company

Large hospitality company with 15,000+ employees required a Senior UKG Reports Developer to build reports across various modules to include Payroll, Recruiting & Onboarding and Performance Management.

Insurance Co

Large insurance company required a Workday Reports SME to work with Talent Acquisition Managers to identify their hiring reporting needs and advise on reporting capabilities within Workday.

Investment Bank

Investment bank with 12 international offices required an OCM Consultant to design their OCM strategy and manage their change program for a Workday implementation.

Large Non-Profit

Non-profit with 5,000+ employees and high turnover required a Ceridian Dayforce Consultant to perform a system assessment and implement configuration changes to better meet the organizations payroll needs.

Logistics Company

Logistics company with 1500+ employees required a technical Infor Consultant to implement and troubleshoot interfaces for a migration from Infinium AS400 to Infor GHR.

Manufacturing Company

Small manufacturer with 650+ employees required interim all round ADP Workforce Now support (Core HCM, Payroll, Benefits & Recruiting) while they searched for an FTE.

Mid-Sized Manufacturer

Manufacturer using UKG for several years required a Consultant to conduct an independent assessment of their usage of the system to identify how they could better utilize the functionality & capabilities.

Pharmaceutical Co

Pharmaceutical company required a Workday Test Lead Consultant to review an existing testing strategy, identify and re-design flaws and lead the testing team through the final stages of the testing program.

Real Estate Firm

Real estate development company with 2,400+ employees in multiple businesses using various HRIS required a Selection Consultant to evaluate their businesses, identify needs and select a single HRIS.

Retail Co

Retail company with 15,000+ employees implementing SAP SuccessFactors required an OCM Consultant to assess HR staff training needs, design and deliver training courses, and produce user guides.


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