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UKG Dimensions SME Consultant

Logistics company with 2,000+ employees (approx 1,000 truck drivers). 

Implemented UKG Pro & Dimensions last year and experiencing multiple issues in both systems. 

Most important issues in Dimensions are: Vacation Requests & Notifications - having issues getting the right notices to the right people (mainly employees requesting time off). 

Accruals - PTO accrual balances are not calculating correctly. 

Who can view vacation approvals - employees submit request for vacation to dispatch supervisor but dept managers can't see any of this information (who's working / who's not, who's requested PTO, etc.) 

Some supervisors are not receiving these request notifications, and some are unable to approve vacation. 

Time system calculating time worked incorrectly - currently system is calculating time worked from punch in to end of shift, doesn't take into consideration breaks. 

Need to re-configure to deduct breaks from total time worked. 

Reporting - needs re-designing so reports are produced in the right format so managers can review information more clearly. 

Reporting - currently unable to produce a report that shows who's working on which weeks. 

Reporting - managers can't view report that shows hours worked by employees. 

Telematics - Each truck carries a GPS device that monitors whereabouts and data of trucks (speed, offences, breaks, etc). 

Currently manually importing this data each week - client wants the data to import in real time. 

UKG Kiosk - currently not using but would like to once they resolve above issues. 

Integrations with Pro - Pro holds pay rate data, Dimensions holds location data - pay rates are sometimes dependent on location - client currently manually keying in pay rates into payroll - need integration that automates pay rates.

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Sarah Platt

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