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ADP Consultants

Our ADP practice primarily focuses on providing consultants who specialize in the following software products offered by ADP:

ADP Workforce Now
ADP Enterprise
ADP Vantage
ADP eTime


Below are some examples of how we have assisted clients with their ADP projects.

Healthcare Org

Healthcare organization required an ADP Workforce Now Consultant to provide functional support on various modules including Core HCM, Benefits, Recruiting, Onboarding & Performance Management.

Healthcare Organization

Healthcare org with multiple HR systems for HCM, Payroll, Recruiting & T&A required an independent HRIS Selection Consultant to manage and coordinate the RFP for a single HRIS to manage all HR functions.

Construction Co

Mid-sized construction company required an ADP eTime Consultant to resolve multiple configuration issues and build advanced workforce management reports in their ADP Time & Attendance system.

Group Company

Large group company with multiple businesses totaling 16,000 employees required ADP Vantage Consultants to provide ongoing maintenance support and system improvement services.

Service Company

Service company with 250+ employees required a consultant to provide an assessment of their ADP Workforce Now environment to resolve ongoing issues and increase system performance.

Automotive Manufacturer

Automotive manufacturer acquired a company with 550+ employees using Paycom and needed a Project Manager to migrate them to ADP Workforce Now.

Financial Services Co

FinTech company with 1,100 employees expected to grow to 3-5,000 within 3 years required an HRIS Selection Consultant to manage the selection of a new HRIS.

Leasing Company

Small leasing / supply company with 600+ employees implemented ADP eTime but experienced numerous accrual and overtime issues that needed immediate resolution.


Connect with one of our specialist ADP Recruiters

Sarah Platt

Senior HRIS Recruiter

Jennifer Tang

Senior HRIS Recruiter

Hailey Panther

Senior HRIS Recruiter

Harry Nelson

Senior HRIS Recruiter


Every consultant requirement is unique. Tell us about your hiring needs and how we can help.

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