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HRIS Strategy Consultants

HRIS Strategy Consultants are engaged to assess, design or implement a clearly defined HRIS roadmap to maximize HR productivity or improve HR performance.

Our HRIS Strategy Consultants are highly experienced in evaluating an organizations' business & HR operations, HR policies and processes, current HR technology environment and objectives. Consideration is also given to regulatory and compliance requirements, risk, governance, security, HRIS capital expenditure and staff skills assessment.


Below are some examples of how we have assisted clients with their HRIS Strategy needs.

Agricultural Co.

International agricultural company required an HRIS Strategy Consultant to identify business objectives, assess current HR systems and processes, and design a new strategy to include a new HRIS.

Hospital Network

Network of 6 hospitals with 16,000 employees required a CSOD Consultant to conduct a review of their CSOD LMS instance and submit best practice recommendations & changes.

Software Co.

Mid-sized software company required a Payroll Strategy Consultant to analyze existing payroll processes, re-design the payroll strategy and take advantage of functionality within their new UKG payroll system.

Healthcare Org

Healthcare organization required an HRIS Strategy Consultant to assist senior leadership in determining a new HR technology strategy that addressed various inefficient HR and Payroll processes.

City University

Large city university providing LMS support to various government organizations required a CSOD Consultant to assess their learning needs and design / recommend an updated LMS strategy.


Complete the below form and let's start the discussion about your strategy requirements and consultants available for assignment.

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