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Our Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Consultants specialize in designing, implementing, and optimizing systems that manage an organization's documents and digital content. They assess business needs, customize ECM solutions to streamline content creation, storage, retrieval, and disposal, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Their work includes data migration, workflow automation, user training, and ongoing system support.

Key skills and certifications for ECM Consultants include expertise in ECM platforms like Microsoft SharePoint, OpenText, and IBM FileNet, knowledge of document management and business process automation, and proficiency in data governance and security practices. Certifications such as AIIM Certified Information Professional (CIP), Microsoft Certified: SharePoint Associate, and OpenText Certified Expert validate their expertise, helping organizations improve content accessibility, enhance collaboration, and ensure information governance.

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We provide specialist consultants who possess extensive experience of the most widely used enterprise content management systems. Select any of the below ECM systems for more information about our busiest areas.


Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Consultants are engaged by organizations to manage and streamline the lifecycle of content and documents. Below are some of the most common projects organizations use our ECM Consultants for:

ECM Platform Implementation

Deploying and configuring ECM systems like Microsoft SharePoint, OpenText, Alfresco, or IBM FileNet. Integrating the ECM platform with existing IT infrastructure and applications.

Document Management

Developing and implementing document management systems to organize, store, and retrieve documents efficiently. Automating document workflows and approval processes.

Workflow Automation

Designing and implementing automated workflows to streamline business processes and improve efficiency. Integrating ECM workflows with other enterprise systems like ERP and CRM.

Metadata and Taxonomy Management

Developing metadata schemas and taxonomies to organize and classify content effectively. Implementing automated tagging and categorization systems.

Compliance and Governance

Ensuring that ECM systems comply with industry regulations and standards (e.g., GDPR, HIPAA). Implementing governance policies for content creation, storage, and access.

Content Analytics and Reporting

Deploying tools to analyze content usage, performance, and user behavior. Generating reports to gain insights into content management practices and identify areas for improvement.

Mobile and Remote Access

Implementing solutions to provide secure access to content from mobile devices and remote locations. Ensuring a seamless user experience across different devices and platforms.

Training and User Adoption

Providing training and support to ensure effective use of ECM systems. Creating user guides, documentation, and best practices to facilitate user adoption.

Content Migration

Planning and executing the migration of content from legacy systems to modern ECM platforms. Ensuring data integrity, security, and minimal downtime during the migration process.

Records Management

Implementing records management solutions to comply with regulatory and legal requirements. Developing retention schedules and ensuring secure disposal of records.

Content Capture and Digitization

Deploying solutions for scanning and digitizing paper documents. Implementing OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to convert scanned images into searchable text.

Collaboration and Knowledge Management

Setting up collaboration tools and spaces to facilitate document sharing and team collaboration. Implementing knowledge management solutions to capture and disseminate organizational knowledge.

Content Security and Access Control

Setting up role-based access controls (RBAC) to protect sensitive information. Implementing encryption and other security measures to safeguard content.

Enterprise Search Integration

Integrating ECM systems with enterprise search solutions to enable efficient content retrieval. Enhancing search capabilities with metadata and taxonomy integration.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Developing and implementing DAM systems to manage and distribute digital assets like images, videos, and audio files. Ensuring proper metadata tagging and rights management for digital assets.

Content Lifecycle Management

Implementing solutions to manage the entire lifecycle of content, from creation to archival and disposal. Automating lifecycle processes to ensure compliance and efficiency.


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