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Our Business Intelligence Consultants provide expertise and guidance to organizations on implementing, optimizing, and utilizing business intelligence solutions effectively. They work closely with clients to understand their business objectives, analyze their data needs, and recommend appropriate BI strategies and technologies.

Our BI Consultants may design data architectures, develop reports and dashboards, provide training to users, and offer ongoing support to ensure that BI solutions align with organizational goals and deliver valuable insights for decision-making.


We provide specialist consultants for all business intelligence tools. Select any of the below BI tools for more information about our busiest areas.


Our Business Intelligence Consultants are engaged for a variety of projects aimed at helping organizations leverage data to make informed decisions and gain competitive advantages. Some of the most common BI projects we have provided consultants for include:

BI Tool Implementation and Deployment

Selecting and deploying BI tools such as Tableau, Power BI, QlikView, or Looker. Configuring and customizing BI platforms to meet the organization’s specific reporting and analysis needs. Integrating BI tools with existing data sources and systems.

Data Integration and ETL Development

Building and managing ETL pipelines to integrate data from various sources into a centralized repository. Ensuring data transformations meet business requirements and maintaining data integrity.

Data Visualization

Designing and implementing data visualizations to help users understand complex data. Using best practices in data visualization to ensure clarity and effectiveness. Training users on how to interpret and use visualizations effectively.

Data Governance and Quality Management

Establishing data governance frameworks to ensure data accuracy, consistency, and security. Implementing data quality management processes to identify and resolve data issues. Defining data standards, policies, and procedures to maintain high data quality.

Big Data Integration

Implementing solutions to integrate and analyze big data from various sources, including IoT, social media, and transactional systems. Using big data technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, and NoSQL databases to handle large volumes of data.

Self-Service BI Enablement

Implementing self-service BI tools to empower users to access and analyze data independently. Providing training and support to users to maximize the adoption and effective use of self-service BI.

Real-Time BI and Streaming Analytics

Implementing real-time BI solutions to provide up-to-the-minute insights and alerts. Using streaming analytics to process and analyze data in real-time from various sources.

Mobile BI Solutions

Developing mobile BI applications to provide access to insights on-the-go. Ensuring mobile BI solutions are user-friendly and secure.

Data Warehousing

Designing and implementing data warehouses to consolidate data from multiple sources. Developing ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes to ensure accurate and efficient data integration. Ensuring data quality and consistency across the data warehouse.

Dashboard and Report Development

Creating interactive dashboards and reports to provide insights into key performance indicators (KPIs). Customizing visualizations to meet the specific needs of different business units and stakeholders. Implementing self-service BI capabilities to enable users to create their own reports and dashboards.

Advanced Analytics and Data Science

Developing predictive models and advanced analytics to provide deeper insights and forecasts. Implementing machine learning algorithms and statistical analyses to solve complex business problems. Integrating advanced analytics with BI tools for seamless access to insights.

Performance Management and KPI Tracking

Developing systems to track and manage organizational performance against strategic goals. Defining and monitoring KPIs to measure progress and identify areas for improvement. Creating scorecards and dashboards for executive and operational reporting.

BI Strategy and Roadmap Development

Developing a BI strategy aligned with the organization’s business goals. Creating a roadmap for BI implementation, including timelines, milestones, and resource planning.

Cloud BI Solutions

Migrating BI systems to cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud. Implementing cloud-based BI solutions to improve scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency. Ensuring data security and compliance in cloud environments.

User Training and Adoption

Providing training programs to ensure users are proficient in using BI tools and interpreting data. Implementing change management strategies to promote user adoption and maximize the value of BI investments.

BI Audit and Optimization

Conducting audits of existing BI systems to identify areas for improvement. Optimizing BI processes, data models, and performance to enhance efficiency and user experience.


We provide a broad range of specialist Business Intelligence Consultants to help clients effectively implement and optimize BI tools and strategies.

Design, develop, and maintain BI solutions such as data warehouses, ETL processes, and reporting dashboards to support organizational decision-making.

Manage the technical infrastructure of BI platforms, including installation, configuration, security, and performance optimization, to ensure reliable and efficient operation.

Utilize statistical and machine learning techniques to discover patterns, trends, and insights within large datasets.

Design the overall architecture of BI systems, including data integration, storage, and presentation layers, to ensure alignment with business requirements and IT standards.

Educate users on how to effectively use BI tools and platforms, develop training materials, and conduct workshops to promote data literacy and self-service analytics within the organization.

Use visual elements such as charts, graphs, maps, and dashboards to make complex data more accessible, understandable, and interpretable.

Analyze complex data sets to provide insights and recommendations for strategic decision-making, often using BI tools like Tableau or Power BI.

Apply advanced statistical and machine learning techniques to extract insights from data, develop predictive models, and solve complex business problems.

Ensure data accuracy, completeness, consistency, and reliability by verifying it against predefined criteria, rules, or standards, and correcting errors or discrepancies as needed.

Oversees a team of BI professionals, setting priorities, managing resources, and ensuring the successful delivery of BI projects to support organizational goals.

Design the structure and relationships of data within databases or data warehouses to ensure efficient storage, retrieval, and analysis of information.

Extract, transform and load data from various sources into a destination system in preparation for downstream analysis and reporting.


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