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Our Cloud Computing Consultants specialize in helping organizations navigate the complexities of cloud environments. Their primary responsibilities encompass a range of strategic and technical services aimed at optimizing cloud operations.

Their responsibilities often include assessment of business and IT needs, cloud strategy, cloud solution design, migration of applications, data, and infrastructure to the cloud, security and compliance, cost management and optimization, performance monitoring and troubleshooting, training and change management, and ongoing support and advisory.


We provide specialist consultants for all cloud computing environments. Select any of the below technologies for more information about our busiest areas.


Our Cloud Computing Consultants are typically hired for a variety of projects, reflecting the diverse needs of organizations transitioning to or optimizing their use of cloud services. Below are some of the most common cloud computing projects we have provided consultants for include:

Cloud Migration

Lift and Shift: Moving existing applications and data from on-premises to the cloud with minimal changes.
Replatforming: Making a few cloud optimizations to achieve benefits without changing the core architecture.
Refactoring: Re-architecting and redeveloping applications to leverage cloud-native features.

Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Designing and implementing multi-cloud architectures using services from multiple cloud providers. Setting up hybrid cloud environments that integrate on-premises infrastructure with cloud services.

DevOps and Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment

Setting up automated CI/CD pipelines to streamline development and deployment processes. Implementing Infrastructure as Code (IaC) using tools like Terraform or AWS CloudFormation.

Disaster Recovery and Backup Solutions

Designing and implementing robust disaster recovery plans to ensure business continuity. Setting up automated backup and restore processes for critical data and applications.

Serverless Computing

Developing and deploying serverless applications using services like AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, or Google Cloud Functions. Optimizing serverless architectures for scalability and cost efficiency.

Monitoring and Management

Implementing cloud monitoring and management tools to track performance, availability, and usage. Setting up alerting and incident response systems to quickly address issues.

Cloud Strategy and Roadmap

Developing a comprehensive cloud strategy aligned with business goals. Creating a roadmap for cloud adoption, including timelines, milestones, and cost estimates.

Cloud Security and Compliance

Implementing security best practices and frameworks to protect cloud environments. Ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS.

Cloud Cost Optimization

Analyzing cloud usage and spending to identify cost-saving opportunities. Implementing cost management tools and strategies to optimize cloud resource utilization.

Big Data and Analytics

Deploying big data platforms and analytics solutions in the cloud to process and analyze large datasets. Utilizing cloud-native data warehousing and machine learning services for advanced analytics.

Cloud-native Application Development

Building applications using microservices architecture and containerization (e.g., Docker, Kubernetes). Leveraging cloud-native services and tools to enhance application performance and scalability.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Developing AI/ML models and deploying them using cloud services like AWS SageMaker, Azure ML, or Google AI Platform. Integrating AI/ML capabilities into existing applications to enhance functionality.


Our cloud computing practice sources specialist consultants for a broad range of roles, each utilizing unique skills and experience for distinct responsibilities.

Focuses on the design, build, deployment and maintenance of cloud computing solutions.

Focus on the security aspects of the cloud, ensuring data and applications are protected against threats and compliant with regulatory standards.

Responsible for designing the overarching structure of cloud systems to ensure they align with the strategic business and technical requirements of an organization.

Manage the day-to-day operation and maintenance of cloud-based infrastructure and services.

Consultants who specialize in developing software and applications specifically tailored for cloud environments.

User support and assistance, focusing on resolving issues related to the deployment, management, and operation of cloud-based applications and infrastructure.

Analyze and improve existing cloud infrastructures to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, improve performance and boost performance.

Coordinate projects that involve the implementation and integration of cloud technologies within scope, on time, and within budget.


Senior Recruiter



Every client is unique. Tell us about your requirements and how we can help.

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