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HRIS Selection Consultants

Work with one of our independent HRIS Selection Consultants to help identify and purchase the right HRIS for your organization. Our Consultants have extensive selection experience, are completely independent of any software vendor and follow a rigorous evaluation and RFP process:

- Defining the requirements
- Researching potential applications
- Request for proposal (RFP)
- Response evaluation
- Product demonstrations
- Re-evaluation
- Reference checks
- Second demonstration
- Product selection
- Contract negotiation


Below are some examples of how we have assisted clients with their HRIS Selection needs.

Regional Bank

Regional bank with 7,000+ employees expecting to grow to 15,000 employees in 3 years required an HRIS Selection Consultant to manage the process of selecting a new HRIS to meet their growing needs.

Real Estate Firm

Real estate development company with 2,400+ employees in multiple businesses using various HRIS required a Selection Consultant to evaluate their businesses, identify needs and select a single HRIS.

Home Services Co

Home services company operating a de-centralized model across 10 states with plans to move to a centralized HR & Payroll model required an HRIS Selection Consultant to evaluate and selection an HRIS.

Aviation Manufacturer

Manufacturer with 16,000+ employees required a HRIS Selection Consultant to analyze and identify their Time & Attendance system needs, and manage the RFP and selection process for a new T&A system.

Global Tech Co

Global technology consulting firm using various systems for HCM, Payroll, Benefits, Recruiting & Learning required an HRIS Selection Consultant to manage the RFP and selection of a single HRIS platform.

Financial Services Co

FinTech company with 1,100 employees expected to grow to 3-5,000 within 3 years required an HRIS Selection Consultant to manage the selection of a new HRIS.

Engineering Firm

Engineering firm with 300 employees required an HRIS Selection Consultant to help in the RFP and evaluation of multiple HRIS options including ADP Workforce Now, UKG Pro, Ceridian Dayforce and Paycom.

Healthcare Organization

Healthcare org with multiple HR systems for HCM, Payroll, Recruiting & T&A required an independent HRIS Selection Consultant to manage and coordinate the RFP for a single HRIS to manage all HR functions.


Complete the below form and let's start the discussion about your HRIS selection needs and consultants available for assignment.

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