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Jira Developer

  • Customize Jira instances to align with the specific workflows, processes, and requirements of their organizations.

  • Creating and configuring custom fields, issue types, and workflows.

  • Design and implement automation rules and post-functions to streamline processes and reduce manual tasks.

  • Using Jira's built-in automation capabilities or scripting languages like Jira Query Language (JQL) or Atlassian's own automation rules.

  • Create custom plugins, add-ons, or extensions using Jira's API and development frameworks.

  • Enhance Jira's functionality, introduce new features, and integrate Jira with other systems.

  • Integrate Jira with other tools and systems that are used within an organization's IT and project management ecosystem.

  • Creating custom connectors or using existing integrations.

  • Design and build custom reports and dashboards to provide stakeholders with insights into project progress, issue tracking, and performance metrics.

  • Use scripting languages like Jira Query Language (JQL), Groovy, or JavaScript to create custom scripts and automate various actions in Jira.

  • Modify the Jira UI to improve user experience, such as customizing issue views, creating custom screens, and adding custom fields.

  • Work on performance tuning to ensure that Jira instances run efficiently, even when dealing with a large volume of issues and users.

  • May be involved in migrating data from older Jira instances or other systems to newer versions of Jira, as well as performing Jira upgrades and ensuring compatibility with customizations.

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Henry Keeley
Henry Keeley

Senior Recruiter


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