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Ensuring Accurate Employee Data: How To Avoid Common Pitfalls When Converting To A New HRIS

By Tarek Hamzeh

Avoid Common Pitfalls when Migrating to New HRIS 

Converting to a new Human Resource Information System (HRIS) can be a complex process, and there are several common causes of inaccurate employee data during implementation. Over the last 15 years we have helped hundreds of customers with implementations at critical times. In our experience, data issues cause the biggest headaches for our customers. Below are some of the top common pitfalls that clients run into along with some tips as to how you can prevent running into them.

Data Migration Errors

During the transition to a new HRIS, data from the old system may not be migrated accurately. This can lead to missing or incorrect employee information in the new system.

Preventive Action: Conduct thorough data validation and cleansing before migration. Develop a migration plan and use automated tools to ensure data accuracy.

Manual Data Entry Mistakes

Human errors can occur during manual data entry, resulting in typos, incorrect dates, or other inaccuracies in employee records.

Preventive Action: Implement data validation rules in the new HRIS to catch errors in real-time. Provide training to employees responsible for data entry.

Lack of Data Governance

Without proper data governance policies and controls in place, data quality can deteriorate over time.

Preventive Action: Establish data governance protocols, including data ownership, data validation procedures, and regular audits to maintain data accuracy.

Inadequate User Training

If employees and HR staff are not adequately trained on the new HRIS, they may not know how to input and maintain data correctly.

Preventive Action: Invest in comprehensive training programs for all users to ensure they understand the systems, features and best practices for data management.

Integration Issues

When integrating the HRIS with other systems (e.g., payroll, timekeeping), data discrepancies can arise if the integration is not seamless.

Preventive Action: Ensure proper testing and validation of integrations to identify and resolve any data synchronization problems.

Data Security Concerns

Concerns about data security can lead to restricted access, making it difficult for authorized personnel to update and maintain employee data.

Preventive Action: Implement robust security measures and access controls to protect sensitive HR data while still allowing authorized personnel to make necessary updates.

Inadequate Data Validation

Without automated data validation checks, inaccuracies may go unnoticed until they cause problems.

Preventive Action: Set up validation rules and alerts within the HRIS to catch and correct errors as they occur.

Change Management Challenges

Resistance to change within the organization can lead to employees not embracing the new system, which can result in data inaccuracies.

Preventive Action: Develop a comprehensive change management plan that includes communication, training, and engagement strategies to gain employee buy-in.

Lack of Data Maintenance

Over time, data can become outdated if there are no regular processes in place for data maintenance and updates.

Preventive Action: establish protocols for ongoing data maintenance, including regular reviews and updates of employee records.

Insufficient Data Validation Procedures

Inaccuracies can occur if there are no robust procedures in place to validate employee data.

Preventive Action: Create and implement data validation processes, including regular data audits and reconciliation.

Avoid Costly Issues with the Helo of an Exepert Consultant 

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